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M2M Content Creators Crew

As content creators have you ever wondered...

👀  "Why is it ALL about engagement and not about making connections anymore?"

👀  "Why is it so hard to make friends that understand what I do?"

👀  "Why does everyone seem to have hundreds of thousands of followers? Where are the rest of us?!"

And finally, if you, like us, have wondered why we're forced to join hundreds of communities because there's not ONE that has it all... then keep reading, cause you've arrived at the right place! 😉




What is M2M? 

The M2M Content Creator Crew is run by Sabrina, a Podcast Mentor, Host of Pretty Sure Podcast, and Motivational Speaker & Valentina, Personal Branding Expert, Community Builder, and Youtuber (or Sab & Val for our friends, a.k.a YOU now!). We've both struggled with insecurities, bullying, and self-esteem issues, but have turned our mess into our message and have now impacted countless lives and helped people gain self-assurance through our content.

The M2M mission is to empower you to accept your uniqueness, step into confidence together, and connect with like-minded people that'll become your friends!

 M2M is a community that supports its members, hosts (virtual) meetups, learns together, and brings back connections long lost in the digital world.

 M2M is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE. A place where you can feel free to share your insecurities and struggles as well as your wins and hype each other up!

 M2M is not for everyone... but if you are a content creator or creative entrepreneur that's tired of having meaningless conversations, feeling burnt out, and wants to engage with real people that just GET it, then M2M is for YOU!

Who the crew is FOR 

👉 Change-makers like you that run a business YOUR way!

👉 Aspiring Creators who don't feel confident showing up online but have a story to tell & a desire to impact!

👉 Time-freedom seekers (who want to work smarter NOT harder).

👉 Podcasters looking to meet other podcasters or soon-to-be podcasters 🎙

👉 Video Content Creators looking to improve their skills or increase their engagement 🎥

👉 Writers, Artists, or Musicians who use their skills & talent to impact people’s lives.

In here, you're not just a number

Have you ever joined a FB group on a specific niche, and felt super excited to see that there are other 10K people just like YOU, only to realize... there are hundreds of rules, no one talks to each other, and all the posts are trying to sell you something?

Thank you, next!

How about joining about 100 different FB groups because you can't find ONE for everything you do and suddenly you're in the: video group, coaching group, successful women group, international speakers group, social media group...the list goes on and on and on. But when was the last time you had a meaningful conversation with a member of any one of those groups?

Thank you, next!

If you sing, dance, write, coach, podcast, or record videos, you're welcome here! If you have a story to tell and an audience to share it with, you're welcome here! If you're just starting out but have big dreams, you're welcome here! If you're shy or not as confident (yet), you're welcome here! If you love to talk and make new connections, you're welcome here! There's no story too small to share here in M2M Creator Crew.

Your new Crew is waiting for YOU! 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏻‍💻

What value can you put on REAL connections? On friendly support when you need it most and are at your lowest? With people to hype you up and share your wins? We’re not just building a community, we’re building a family...and we hope you will join us!

 Conversations that matter. We can't connect with people unless we allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open up about things we're passionate about.  M2M is a safe space where no topic is off the tables, and the deeper the better, but always with respect!

 Access to people just like you. Content creators include people from tons of different backgrounds and expertise which brings variety and different perspectives allowing all of us to explore ideas, share success stories, and lessons learned. Find members near you. Find members online now. Find members in your industry.

 ZERO algorithms. Content can't get lost here. The number of likes (called Cheers here) doesn't determine who sees a post or not. YOU curate your own feed and can follow members you relate to the most.

 Privacy is crucial to us. We're not Facebook, simple as that! Inside M2M, none of your information can be shared outside of these digital walls. Your content stays here, and we don't take this lightly so rest assured, you can express yourself freely!

 No racism. No hate speech. No discrimination. Only inclusivity. We don't care where you're from, what skin color you have, what religion you practice, or what gender you identify with!

We are ALL here to make the world a better place, one community at a time! ✨

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